Bielenda Skincare


Bielenda is a modern company implementing innovative solutions based on the pioneering ideas of our technology engineers. We are proud to be able to anticipate trends in the domestic cosmetics market, and that our products enjoy a large popularity among consumers.

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics was established in 1990. Since the beginning of its operation our company has been distinguished by the innovative use of natural, high value cosmetic ingredients.

We manufacture creams, masks, scrubs, balms, slimming cosmetics, sun care products, intimate hygiene preparations, hair care and hairstyling preparations and aromatherapy bath oils. Bielenda cosmetics have the best quality at affordable prices.

The high expectations of our consumers, and their confidence, inspire us to search for new solutions, and therefore we created Ideal Skin – a line of professional cosmetics used for specialist treatments in beauty salons.

Our cosmetics are sold in Poland but also on foreign markets: European, American, Asian and African.

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