What to do with the unwanted Beauty Products?

According to a research done by one of the leading Companies manufacturing Skincare Products, an average women wastes over €200,000 on unused Beauty Products in a lifetime…this amounting of 5,846 unused Items.

Just for comparison, an average men buy 960 products in their lifetime and use them all!

Right, Ladies let’s be honest…you must have got at least one Beauty Product that you purchased because it looked great on the shelf in the shop or it worked well for your friend but when you brought it home and used it…it wasn’t quite what you expected to be :-(

Now you have the Product/s seating in your drawers and you know you are not going to use it again but on other hand you don’t want to throw it away because it’s almost unused.

Super expensive “perfect” Foundation that looked amazing on the photoshoped Model on the poster, shampoo that should make you hair looking super healthy and shiny, and face cleanser making skin looking flawless…endless promises with disappointing effects.

What’s now?

Here are couple of tips that I hope you will find useful and will help you to use up the Beauty Products that aren’t your favourites.


Shampoo: When you buy a shampoo that doesn’t work for your hair, don’t dump it down the drain but use it to wash your Make-Up Brushes- remember washing your brushes on regular basis is an absolute must for beautiful skin.

Hair Conditioner: This idea may sound crazy but I’ve tried it many times and I think it’s fantastic…you can use the Product for shaving your legs…yes for shaving :-) Try it and you will see that some of the Conditioners work better than some of the Shaving Gels :-)           

Face Cleansing Gel: Sometimes Face Cleansers can dry out our face skin. Again they will work perfectly as a cleansing product for your Make-Up Brushes or as Body Wash- usually the body skin is less sensitive so it’s more likely it won’t get irritated as your face skin.

Scrub: If you bought a Face Scrub but it’s too strong for your face, use it as Body, Hand or Foot Scrub.

Face Cream: All Face Creams can be used as Body Balms or Foot Cream- if a given cream is too reach for my Combination Face Cream I use it for my neck- remember your neck needs as much attention as your face.

Face Mask: Unwanted Face Masks can be used as Foot Masks- apply the mask and wear cotton socks for your bed time, you will wake up with smooth and hydrated feet.

Lip Balm: Will be perfect to apply to your cuticles :-)

Foundation: To get the ideal Foundation in the perfect shade is a very tricky task. If you end up having some spare foundation, add it to your Face Cream or Body Balm to get BB Cream. If you like the foundation itself but the colour that you picked is perhaps too dark, get another one- that would normally be too light for you. That way you can mix both shades and get the best match for you. You can also mix different foundations- all tricks allowed :-)

Pearl Eyeshadows: Add bit of powdered Eyeshadows to Body Balm and get amazing shimmering effect- just perfect for Summer!!!

If you don’t like any of the above you can always arrange a little Party with your girl friends to exchange unwanted Products…maybe the dark foundation or Face Cream will be perfect for one of your friends?

What are your ideas for unwanted Skincare and Make Up Products? I would love to hear for you guys.



How to love your job and grab Awards for the best Beauty Salon? We asked and got the answer :-)



I met with Kasia, very energetic and positive person who is the Owner of the Winning Beauty Salon- Enjoy Beauty Salon in Cavan to ask her what is her secret for successful Beauty Salon, beautiful skin and what she recommends to bring with you on your Summer Holiday!

Kasia Milewska, Age 30, The Owner of Enjoy Beauty Salon in Cavan

Enjoy Beauty Salon Cavan

Q: Enjoy Beauty has been recently awarded by RSVP Magazine as The Best Beauty Salon in Cavan. Congratulations! It’s really a great recognition. Tell us what is your secret for the winning Beauty Salon?

Kasia: There is no secret :-)

I believe that if you like your job you will always feel successful even if you don’t win any Awards.  

Your biggest success is the fact that you can do what you really like every day.

I believe I won my personal Award way before winning the RSVP (which is still fantastic achievement) one because of my great team and amazing costumers….

Q: The holiday season is in its pick. What are the most popular pre-holiday beauty treatments this season?

K: Mostly waxing, pedicure, Shellac and eyelash extensions.

Q: We all know how hard it is to pack our suitcases when going on holiday so what are the absolute must have Skincare Products that we should take on our summer trip to make sure we have everything we will need?

K: I am always honest with my costumers and I would never recommend anything without trying myself.
I use Bielenda Skincare every day and if I would be going on my holidays I would take some of my holy grail Products from this Brand.

One of the examples would the Soothing Micellar Lotion for sensitive skin– it is great, multitasking product, it cleans all my face and removes even heavy waterproof eye makeup.

Another must have Product in my suitcase would be Bielenda Professional Liquid Crystal Hydrating Day Moisturiser that gives my skin a great boost of hydration but at the same time is so light and has SPF15.

I have to say, I am officially a big fan of Argan Oils and I can’t imagine going to the bed without my Bielenda Enriched Argan Face Oil with Sebo regulating Complex for oily skin, it is really great as a part of the night Skincare regime- so obviously I can’t imagine travelling without it.

For my body I love Bielenda Golden Oils Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion– deeply hydrating product that absorbs super-fast.

Bit of sun protection, non-sticky and hydrating Products- this is what I need on my holiday :-)

Q: Every holiday someday will come to an end. What would you recommend as the post-holiday skincare regime?

K: The Sun holidays are great for us but not for our skins :-(
We need a lot of moisturising and nourishing products when we are back, we should use richer products than before holidays.

If you can’t cope with heavier moisturiser during the day, do change your night cream from hydrating to nourishing.

The same rule applies to our body and hair, sun and salty water lives our skin dry and completely dehydrated- so use heavy duty nourishing and hydrating Products.

Also, to prolong the tan that we all love so much I would recommend doing regular body exfoliation and then apply moisturising, ad nourishing body balms.

Q: Thinking ahead of Autumn, what are the treatments that are the most suitable for this time of the year?

K: As I said our skin doesn’t like holidays.
Because we have very little of the Sun in Ireland most of us want to bring as much tan as possible from Summer Holidays and we are tempted to use low SPF protection.

A lot of our Costumers, when they come back from holidays are realising they got pigmentation and skin condition really bad.

Our Master Beautician, Urszula Muszczynska is recommending a serious of acid treatments, products containing Acids as after care skincare regime, microdermabrasion or micro-needling treatment to get rid of those skin problems.

Q: Enjoy Beauty is now offering Hairdressing, what are the Summer trends this season in hair styling?

K: I don’t do hairdressing myself 😉 however I asked that question to our hairdresser Angelika Cofur and she says that this Summer your hair should look as natural as possibly.
When you are on holidays you can go with messy buns, plaits or just a beach waves which are all great but if you really want to be on top on the trends go with flowery hair band- very simple but nice and effective.


New exciting arrivals from Bielenda Professional Formula range!

We have some hot arrivals from Bielenda Skincare.

PROFESSIONAL FORMULA range is expanding and here are some new Face Masks that we are very excited about!

All of them are available from our Ebay Store.

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Formula Golden Lifting Threads Mace Mask

Golden Lifting Threads Treatment, 3-phase rejuvenating face treatment, contains Peeling, Serum and Mask.








Bielenda Professional Formula Microdermabrasion face treatment

Microdermabrasion, 3-phase smoothing face treatment for Oily & Combination skin.








Bielenda Skincare Professional Formula Thermo Biogommage Treatment

Thermo Biogommage, 3-phase exfoliating and rejuvenating face treatment.








Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Formula Krio Mesotherapy Treatment

Krio Mesotherapy, 3-phase untra-moisturising face treatment.








Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Forumla Krio Mesolifting Treatment


Krio Mesolifting, 3-phase firming face treatment for mature, also sensitive skin.








Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Formula Fine Grain Scrub and Yellow Clay Treatment

FINE GRAIN SCRUB + YELLOW CLAY, 2-phase smoothing and firming treatment for mature skin. Fantastic before going out as last minute beauty S.O.S. 

Behind the scenes :-)

Wondering what is going on behind the scenes in Primavera Beauty?

Here is a sneak peek of what is happening after you place your order with us:-)

Every day we receive many orders from you Guys and we do our best to process them as fast as it’s possible so you can enjoy your Products within days.

The first step in the process after we receive your Order is the creation of the paperwork eg: Invoices, Delivery Labels. 

primavera beautyThen your Order is carefully picked. We have hundreds of Products but by knowing them all :-) we make sure you receive exactly what you have ordered.

primavera beautyprimavera beautyThen we add FREE samples to every order so you can try other Products prior to purchase.

For bigger orders placed by Professional Beauticians or Beauty Salons we ALWAYS add FREE branded accessories and samples.

primavera beautyprimavera beauty

The next step is mega import, we secure all the Products we send/deliver to reduce damage in transport to an absolute minimum.

primavera beauty

When the Products are wrapped up, they are packed, labeled and are ready for shipping.

At this point your Order is changing the Status to Dispatched/Completed.

primavera beautyWe ship your Orders via the most cost effective but fast way.

Some Orders are sent by An Post, other by Courier.

Big Orders for Professional Beauticians and Beauty Salons in ROI we usually deliver in person- it’s always a great opportunity to meet you Guys and see if there is anything else that we can help you with.





Our Training Academy is getting very popular

A while ago we introduced Training Academy that provides you a wide range of Professional Beauty trainings for those starting in the Industry or those that want to up skill and introduce new Facials.

We are also more than happy to set up an individual trainings that are tailored to your level of experience and requirements.

Simply drop us a note outlining what treatments you would like to learn and will be able to provide you with the quotation.

At the moment the most popular training in our Academy is the Micro-needling + Mandelic Acid Treatment. It’s well known for amazing results and it’s one of the most innovative treatments those days.

Our trainings take about 3.5 hours and cover off the theory and the practice. Each of the Students has an opportunity to practice under supervision of the Trainer.

Below we have couple of Photos from the most recent individual training Micro-needling + Mandelic Acid Treatment.

Our Student Oksana did enjoy the day with our Trainer and we wish her best of luck!  20150212_130740 Application of Mandelic Acid.  Primavera Beauty Training Academy   Micro-Needling

My MUST HAVE Face Creams

Hi Guys,

Wanted to share with you my current MUST HAVE Face Creams- yes I use couple of them at the same time :-) :-) :-)

Because I have combination skin I need to make sure that I use the right combination of active ingredients to treat it right and get the right balance so this is the reason why I need 5 Face Creams :-) :-) :-)

From left to right:

1. Bielenda Professional Protective Face Cream with SPF50+. The highest possible protection that I would use after facials like Chemical Peels and Derma-rolling that I do on regular basis. It’s my number one Face Cream for Summer too, it’s very light so I can apply my make-up as normal which is not the case with other high protection Creams.  

2. This one is a big surprise for me…in theory I shouldn’t like it because it’s very reach and with my combination skin type that doesn’t sound like a good fit for me but since I tried a sample of it I just love it. It’s Bielenda Professional Firming and Hydrating Face Cream with Colloidal Gold. It gives fantastic level of hydration and just makes your skin looks younger. The wrinkles are getting less visible. I use it when my skin is getting mega dry, after Chemical Peels or just when I feel that I need that extra hydration/ firmness boost. This is my HERO and smells just amazing!

3. The next Cream on the list is Bielenda Professional Ultrahydrating Face Cream with SPF15. It’s dedicated for dry and very dry skin but it’s much lighter than the one with Colloidal Gold. It’s a good idea when my skin is getting little bit too oily in the T Zone to apply my GOLD HERO but I still need to keep the hydration level right. 

Remember that even if you have Oily/Combination skin you need to use hydrating Face Creams. If those reach creams are too heavy for you then try this one, I am sure it will make the job.

4. The little green one there is the most recent realist from Bielenda Professional :-) 2in1 Anti-Age/Sebu Regulating Face Cream (Will be on Sale in Ireland very soon).                  The Active Ingredients in this one are working in dual way: Anti-Age and Anti-Acne. It’s still very rare to find this kind of combination in one Product, usually we have Anti-Age or Anti-Acne Skincare and need to choose. It’s still too early to tell you the honest option but it’s really promising and I have a good feeling about it. After the application the skin looks smoother, the pores are less visible. Usually apply it for night and in the morning I really see a high reduction in imperfections. Not sure about the Anti-Age results because it’s too early for this I guess. 

Just note from me…if you start using creams with Acids like Mandelic, Lactobionic, Shikimic or Glycolic, introduce them gradually. Let’s say apply them every second night for the first 2 weeks of using and then increase to every night. There is less possibility that your skin will be dried out. If your skin is very combination- you have dry patches and very oily T-Zone you can apply the cream with Acids on the Oily parts and Hydrating one on the dry areas. Or you can keep applying the cream with Acids for every second night and Hydrating one for the rest of the nights. The rule is that if you see that your skin is getting very dry you need to reduce use of the cream with Acids. And one more thing…I know the creams with Acids are saying Day/Night Creams but I would recommend using them for the night only. You will avoid the risk of getting dark spots from the UVA/UVB rays.

5. The last but not least is the Bielenda Professional Rejuvenating Face Cream with Stem Cells and SPF15. This one has pure anti-age ingredients and even that it has SPF15 I usually use it as part of my evening skincare regime. It’s not very heavy cream so if you have Combination Skin like me this one probably will be fine for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about any of the below products or you would like to get sample of them please drop me an e-mail at info@primaverabeauty.ie and I will try to help.


My Must Have Face Creams

Natural help for capillary Skin- Chestnut range from Bielenda Skincare

Do you have Capillary Skin? Is your skin getting red and sensitive?

If YES, then the Bielenda Chestnut Skincare Range is something that should be the main Products of your daily Skincare regime.

All the Products are FREE FROM ALLERGENS and ARTIFICIAL DYES so they are be gentle on your Skin.

CHESTNUT Cleansing Milk + Tonic

CHESTNUT Soothing Facial Cleanser



Bielenda Skincare Chestnut

All of the Products are now available in our Ebay Store!

ebay logo

Bielenda Skincare is introducing nail conditioners

We have another very NEW products in Bielenda Skincare Range.

This time they are CC MAGIC NAILS 10 in 1 Nail Conditioners that are taking care of your nails in 10 different ways.

Also there is No FORMALDEHYDE which ensures safe regeneration and strengthening the nail plate, it becomes more resistant to damage, more durable and smoother.

Delicate shades of nutrients give nails a beautiful shimmering effect of natural pink. Nutrients remain long on the nail plate.

There are 3 options available:

* CC MAGIC NAILS REPAIR EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional REGENERATING conditioner – nail serum WITH VITAMINS 11 ml
* CC MAGIC NAILS POWER EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional STRENGTHENING conditioner – nail serum WITH PEARL 11 ml
* CC MAGIC NAILS DIAMOND EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional HARDENING conditioner – nail serum WITH DIAMOND 11 ml

All are now available in our on-line Store on Ebay.

Bielenda Skincare Ireland 10in1 Nail Conditioners

New Cleansing Face Argan Oils from Bielenda Skincare

As mentioned in the previous post, Bielenda have released some exciting new Products recently.

One of them is Cleansing Face Argan Oil in three versions: with Hyaluronic Acid for Dry Skin, with Retinol for Mature Skin and with Sebu Control Complex for Combination/Oily Skin.

It’s an absolute revolution in Skincare and Bielenda set the trends once again.

A preparation in the form of a light HYDRPHYLIC OIL for CLEANING AND WASHING the skin of the face, which, as a result of aging and external factors, loses its natural moisture,
elasticity and flexibility. It contains an active combination of gentle washing substances and a precious argan oil with a wealth of active ingredients, which contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of the epidermis, its recovery and
Unique LIGHT OIL FORMULA that turns into a delicate foam under the influence of water, effectively dissolves all impurities susceptible to fat and water: removes make-up and excess of sebum, cleanses the skin of impurities and refreshes.

Bielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare Ireland Cleansing Aragn Oils

All of the products are now available in our on-line Ebay Store for as little as €9.99 each.

Hello all after a little break!

Hi all,

We have been little quiet for a while but the break was caused by huge amount of exciting work that has been happening in Primavera in the last weeks :-)

There has been some significant achievements since we last spoke as well.

First of all our Bielenda Professional Argan Stem Cells Face Scrub made the Final of The Irish SPA Award 2014 :-) It’s been nominated for the best Exfoliator! 

It’s fantastic news and we are waiting for the Winners to be announced on the 27th November:-)

Let’s all keep fingers and toes crossed.

Bielenda Scrub Nominated for The Irish SPA Award 2014

Bielenda Professional Ireland Argan Stem Cells Face Scrub

Another great news is that the Bielenda Retail range has been very welcomed in Ireland by the Irish Women including the leading Irish Beauty Bloggers.

Currently the Skincare is available in our Ebay Store but we are bringing more and more Stockists around the Country so you can pop in, see the Products, buy them and enjoy fantastic results.

We are going to put additional tab on our web very soon with the list of the current Bielenda Stockists in Ireland- you will be able to see where is the nearest place where you can buy the Products.

The most recent Stockists for all your Bielenda Skincare is Glamour Look Beauty Salon in Tallaght, Dublin 24.


Stockist of Bielenda Skincare IrelandIn the recent time Bielenda also released some new exciting Treatments and Products which you will see posts coming soon :-) There are some real innovations coming your way!

See you soon.


My Summer Holiday Must Have

Hi Guys,

I am getting myself ready for my Summer Holidays :-) and thought I will share with you my MUST HAVE List.Bielenda Skincare Ireland Summer Holiday Must Have 1. The first position for every trip I do is a Guide Book so I can get to know the place I am visiting. This year it’s Turkey and I can’t wait for the Hotel SPA where I will enjoy facials, massages and Turkish Bath.

2. Number two on my list this year is a book that I told you about a while ago on Bielenda Skincare Facebook Profile- “Driving the Saudis” by Jayne A. Larson.

When the Saudi royal family vacationed in Los Angeles, they hired Jayne Amelia Larson, an actress struggling to make ends meet, to be their personal chauffeur. She’d heard stories of the Saudis’ outrageously generous gratuities and figured that several weeks at their beck and call might be worth her time. But when the family arrived via their private jet with an entourage of forty and millions of dollars in cash, Jayne Amelia realized she might be getting into more than she bargained for…CAN’T WAIT TO START READING!

3. Next on my list is Bielenda CC Face Cream 40ml that is reducing redness and gives light coverage- ideal to cover up any imperfection and will be perfect for day time without makeup.

4. Here is another CC Cream by Bielenda but this time is the Magic Body Cream 175ml. It gives fantastic coverage (perfect to hide the spider veins on my legs) and effect of natural, glowing tan (ideal for the first days when my skin will be as white as milk). On top of those great things it does it has SPF6 and is waterproof- I say NO to stained clothes and chairs!

5. Number five is Super Power Mezo Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid 50ml from Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional range that gives deep and lasting hydration- after couple of days of sunbathing my skin will need it badly. Remember that to enjoy your tan for longer you need to keep your skin well hydrated.

6. I love multi-tasking Skincare Products and this is the reason why 3in1 Cucumber and Lime Face Gel 150g Bielenda is definitely going with me on my trip. I can use it as the morning/night Foaming Gel but also use it as a face scrub or serum- the Sun may be causing some breakouts but with this product I don’t have to worry about this too much.

7. Another multi-functional Product which will be in my suitcase is  Very Gentle Micellar Lotion 200ml from Bielenda Pharm range. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and it can be used for removing your Eyes and Face make up but also as Face Toner.

8. I couldn’t go without my favourite Bielenda Precious 3in1 Argan Oil 150ml. It gives beautifully silky skin finish and can be used for Hair and Face. 

9. The last but not the least is Protective Face Cream SPF50 50ml from Bielenda Professional. Fantastic light weight protective Face Cream without white marks. You can purchase it in selected Beauty Salons. 






Bielenda Celebrity Collection is coming to our Ebay Store. Pearls, Diamonds, Gold what else can you ask for to feel like a Celebrity?

We are bringing New Bielenda Celebrity Collection. 

Diamonds, Gold, Pearls are the only couple of the precious ingredients included in the Skincare Products from Celebrity Skincare Range.

Let’s feel like a Celebrity! Look fabulous! Think about Yourself!

Celebrity Collection is an exclusive line of luxurious ANTI-AGE cosmetics created specifically for the needs of mature skin.

Bielenda Celebrity Collection

CELEBRITY COLLECTION Gold & Diamonds recommended for 50+, sensitive skin.    It gives a lifting effects, shallows wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Natural active ingredients:

Bbielenda Skincare Ireland Celebrity Collection Gold & DiamondCELEBRITY COLLECTION Collagen & Pearls  is is recommended for 40+, also sensitive skin. The range fills the wrinkles, restores elasticity of the skin and makes it glowing. It also reduces blemishes and improves facial contour.

Natural active ingredients:

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Cellebrity Collection Collagen and PearlsCELEBRITY COLLECTION Caviar & Truffle is recommended for 40+, also sensitive skin. It firms, revitalizes and restores the skin, intensively moisturizes and reduces discolorations.

Natural active ingredients:

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Celebrity Collection Caviar and Truffles

Specially for you we have brought Bielenda PROFESSIONAL HOME EXPERT range

PROFESSIONAL HOME EXPERT is an innovative Skincare range that contains the most effective Active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Coenzyme Q10.

The range contains Treatments Kits for Face & Body with step by step detailed application guide- ideal for DIY Professional Treatment.

You can currently buy the Products in our Ebay Store 

Deep Hydrating Face Mask

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Home Expert Hydrating face Mask Aqua Infusion

Deep Hydrating Micellar Liquid

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Deep Hydrating Micellar Liquid

Deep Microdermabrasion Treatment Kit PEEL ACTIVE

Rejuvenating & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment LASER LIFT

Deep Needle-Free Mesotherapy Treatment AQUA INFUSION

Bielenda Skincare Ireland Professional Home Expert Microdermabrasion Kit

Bielenda Professional Home Expert

Bielenda Pharm Dermocosmetics for Ance Prone, Sensitive and Capillary Prone Skin

Bielenda Skincare Ireland

Bielenda PHARM is a specialized line of dermocosmetics distinguished by precise, almost medical approach to skin problems. It contains highly concentrated active ingredients valued by dermatologists and innovative recipes, which target specific skin problems in an effective way.


PROBLEM: dilated capillaries, skin prone to redness and irritation, sensitive, over reactive, with a tendency to form spider veins.

Products in the range:

  • PHARM DILATED CAPILLARIES Soothing day cream Hypoallergenic SPF 10
  • PHARM DILATED CAPILLARIES Reinforcing-regenerating night cream HIPOALLERGENIC ANTI-AGE
  • PHARM DILATED CAPILLARIES Soothing micellar lotion cleanser and make-up remover FACE NECK NECKLINE

Bielenda Skincare Pharm Ireland


PROBLEM: combination and oily skin, seborrheic skin, exposed to the formation of visible acne, blackheads, shiny and irritated skin and clogged pores.

Products in the range:

  • PHARM ACNE Mattifying day cream-gel
  • PHARM ACNE Anti-acne night cream
  • PHARM ACNE Antibacterial cleansing lotion FACE NECK NECKLINE
  • PHARM ACNE Antibacterial normalizing toner FACE NECK NECKLINE

Bielenda Ireland Pharm series


PROBLEM: very dry and rough skin, allergy-prone, hypersensitive to stimuli of various nature (changes in temperature, UV, poor nutrition, skin dehydration), weak and thin skin, wrinkles quickly and easily formed

Products in the range:

  • PHARM DRY SKIN Intensively hydrating day cream HIPOALLERGENIC SPF10
  • PHARM DRY SKIN Intensively regenerating night cream HIPOALLERGENIC ANTI-AGE
  • PHARM DRY SKIN Gentle micellar lotion cleanser and make-up remover

Bielenda Pharm IrelandEnjoy!

Enriched Argan Face Oils Bielenda Skincare

Argan Oils are very popular those days but the Enriched Argan Face Oils from Bielenda Skincare are an absolute step forward in the trend.

Natural argan oil infused with active ingredients.

The oils have been enriched with MULTIFUNCTIONAL ingredients with exceptional anti-aging properties, used in professional aesthetic medicine. It is one of the best-studied substances used in modern cosmetics, scientifically proven to be effective. BIOCOMPATIBLE SKINCARE products contain substances naturally occurring in the skin, such as Omega 3-6, which are necessary to maintain hydrolipid balance and proper functioning of the skin.

Enriched argan oil + pro-retinol
Enriched argan oil + hyaluronic acid
Enriched argan oil + sebu control complex

NOW AVAILABLE ON www.stores.ebay.ie/Passiona-Beauty

Enriched Argan Oils Bielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare Ireland

Skin Clinic Professional Power Mezo Line Bielenda

Skin Clinic Professional is an advanced line of professional, highly concentrated MEZO ANTI-AGE preparations for facial skin care with demonstrated efficacy resulting from innovative, specially developed recipes inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments and a high concentration of active ingredients used in professional treatments in beauty salons.


IN VIVO tests conducted under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 25 women for a period of six weeks showed that the use of serum combined with cream works to reverse the biological age of the skin by 10 years!





Super Power Mezo Serum Bielenda Ireland

Bielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare IrelandBielenda Skincare Ireland

Multi-Function 10-in-1 CC Creams from Bielenda have just landed…:-)

They are here…Products that I have been waiting for…Multi-Functional 10 in 1 CC Face and Body Creams from Bielenda.

They are still new Products but already been nominated for the best Product of the Year by a number of Beauty Awards including ELLE and COSMOPOLITAN Magazines.

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Cream to neutralize skin redness

The innovative Creams is a line of all-inclusive (love all inclusive options:-) ) cosmetics perfectly combining the concealing action and the benefits of skin care delivered by creams or balms. 10-in-1 CC Creams effectively cover up skin imperfections and even out the skin tone.

The intelligent HD COLOUR COMPLEX technology perfectly blends with any skin type.

The can used on itself of as a base for your make-up.

The first from the series will be something the Irish Skins will love:

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Cream to neutralize skin redness

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Cream to neutralize skin redness

The second one is dedicated for dull skin with that needs little bit of glow.

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Cream to lighten up the dark skin tones

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Cream to lighten up the dark skin tones Bielenda IrelandThe last one is my personal discovery of the year :-) CC Body Perfector

There are 2 versions of the Product the: the ordinary one and the Magic Waterproof with SPF6- and the 2nd Magic Version is the MUST HAVE!

It gives a good but natural looking coverage, glow and SPF Protection.

Tested it in hot weather conditions and it stays where it should be without staining white chairs etc (very embarrassing if that happens with similar Products).

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Body Cream

Multi-function CC 10-in-1 Concealing Body Cream

The Products are now available in our Ebay Store and soon are coming to www.primaverabeauty.ie

Press on the Ebay Logo to get re-directed to the Ebay Store.

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